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Riots of a Super Starlet

If you live through this with me I swear that I would die for you

super starlet
28 July 1985
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"Men sleep with Gilda, and wake up with me." ---Rita Hayworth

"All my descamisados expect me to outshine the enemy. I won't disappoint them." ---Evita

"Don't dream it. Be it." ---Party Monster

"Rule with beauty and kindness." ---Jawbreaker

"People! Soylent green is people!!!" ---Soylent Green

"Richaaarrrddd!!!" ---Erica

"Eriiicaaaa!!!" ---Richard

"It's my heart. And it's broken." ---Great Expectations

"Hakuna matata!" ---The Lion King

"I found out that the best deodorant is success." ---Elizabeth Taylor

"You are such a bitch. In tagalog, isa ka ngang tunay na Dela Rosa!" ---Cherrie Gil

"Welcome to hell!" ---Cherrie Gil